Account structure

When you create an account with EasyTranslate, you create a space that is shared with any department and team member you choose. Within this space, each member with access is a user. The structure enables you to have more flexibility, and to adapt your account so that it is in line with your own organisational structure. Within your parent account, you can add as many sub-accounts as you wish. These can represent different departments, themes or clients. Each account and sub-account has its own translation team, billing method, projects and price list - these are not shared across accounts. Each account is a single place to communicate and bring together cross-departmental teams so everyone can follow projects that are relevant to them.

User structure

Each member having access to your account or subaccount is a user. The permissions and roles assigned to each user are defined by your company. This is fully customisable to facilitate the organisation of projects. You can set different parameters for different users, and decide upon each user’s access points. You can also set up separate billing methods and projects per user. The Team Admin role is not limited to one person - assign it to as many users as you wish to, to give them the ability to manage users, billing methods and create sub-accounts. Adapting the platform to your internal structure gives you faster access to projects and information.


Improved user experience with the EasyTranslate app

Get the EasyTranslate app on your desktop for quick access to the platform. The app function is easy to set up, and serves as a shortcut so that you are able to check your account and projects within our platform at the click of a button, both on and offline. Beyond being very user friendly, this feature allows you to activate notifications so that you can be sure to closely follow progress on your translation projects at all times. The EasyTranslate app brings our project management platform and communication with your team of translators one click away, enabling a more efficient and straightforward workflow for you and your internal team.